Silo Systems

Silo Systems

P M Engineering Ltd manufactures robust, high-performance silos to suit all types and quantities of material and the specific requirements of your process.

Choose from bespoke silos, up to 12m in diameter, built to your specifications, as well as our standard type and horizontal silos.

The majority of silos are designed specially to meet the needs of individual projects, tailored to the type, quantity and characteristics of the material to be stored. In addition, we offer a range of standard silo sizes in mild steel.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to fabricate complete, ready-to-install silos up to 4 metres in diameter. Larger silos can be built in sections in our factory, ready for rapid assembly once on site. Silos are available in capacities to suit your needs, from as little as 10m3. All our silos are designed in accordance with the latest BSI, ISO and DIN standards, where appropriate.

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