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Posted by P M Engineering Ltd on 24th February 2015

With the PME-T60 you can produce quality concrete promptly and efficiently even at difficult locations such as traffic junctions, city centre's and ports. Various aspects, such as modular construction, plug-in connections, and components installed and matched at the factory enable the system to be set up within 24 hours. The entire concrete mixer system can be set up on an area of just about 175m2, 35 x 5M concrete pad.

Twin Shaft Mixer

Long service life and efficiency are the hallmarks of this mixer system. Using a batch size of 2.250m3 we can achieve an output of up to 60 m³/hour. The powerful drive train comprising two 30Kw electric motors provides adequate power and leads to a uniform high level of mix homogeneity. A high degree of Brinell hardness of the anti-wear lining ensures long durability and reduces maintenance costs in the long term.


With a width of only 3.0M and a maximum weight of 20 tons (per unit), we ensure quick implementation that does not need any approvals for heavy or special transport. Overall, this series is divided in 2 transport units that are drawn by two conventional tractors.


Highly robust and durable mixer system, an integrated 2000 litre water tank, a weighing system that can be calibrated and a fully automatic control system makes the entire package complete. When using various components, only renowned quality products have been selected that meet the requirements and standards.

PME-T60 is a reliable, powerful and proven concrete mixer system that is appealing and attractive primarily because of its completely mobile features.

Thanks to its compact and robust design and construction the PME-T60 is a completely mobile concrete mixer system that is ideally suited for frequent changes of location. It provides the perfect entry-level option with an output of 60 m³/hour of concrete.

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